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Dist & Bronx


Matt's Notes

Once in a while Papa made a trip up to the Bronx to visit his relatives (sometimes catching a baseball game along the way) though I'm not yet sure who they were or where they lived. I am pretty sure that if he started his day at the "Dist," a.k.a. the "District," a.k.a. the Downtown Zionist Centre on St. Marks Place, he most likely took the 2nd Avenue IRT from 8th Street to 149th Street in the Bronx and transferred to another train there.

photo of IRT map

The more I think about "The Dist," the more it seems like the title or subject of a TV melodrama: a bunch of passionate twentysomethings from different places, all with different problems, priorities and professions, gather each night to work, flirt and find common cause at "The Dist." And here's the twist: It all takes place in the roaring 20's!


I've been thinking, too, about Papa's Thanksgiving entry, and how, in looking around for something interesting to mention about Thanksgiving that year, I learned that 1924 was the first year of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. It seems like there were so many seminal events that year: It was the first time a Presidential campaign played out on the radio, it was the year Adolph Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in prison, it was the year Jewish Labor got behind Zionism, the year of the Leopold and Loeb trial, the year J. Edgar Hoover became head of the FBI, the year the Washington Senators finally won the Series. I'm not a historian, but it looks like the modern era was a-birthing right in front of Papa's eyes. Does every year seem this important when examined closely? Would I have been as impressed with 1925 if Papa kept his diary that year?

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