Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thursday Feb 7

Another meeting of Maccabean
Camp. --

Slept in Sister Claras
new home.


Clara and Papa roomed together for two years when she first came to America in 1920, and apparently they both recalled those days as some of the happiest of their lives. Papa supported Clara and she kept house until she got married in 1923, at which point I imagine Papa left his apartment and started "living in board."

Papa was getting ready to give up his rented bed and move into his own place when he wrote today's entry; perhaps he slept in Clara's home that night because he had already given up his spot to another boarder. I wonder if he and Clara stayed up late chatting, or if, cheered in each other's presence by the memory of their time together, they both slept a little better than usual.

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