Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tuesday Nov 18

Interesting meeting of
Ball Comittee at Down
Town Zionist Dist.


Matt's Notes

Papa went to numerous Zionist balls and banquets throughout the year, so it makes sense for him to have been involved in a planning committee or two, as well. The meeting mentioned in this entry most likely took place at the Downtown Zionist Centre at 52 St. Marks Place, and probably had something to do with the Zionist Organization of America's lower Manhattan districts. (As we recently discussed, Papa's Z.O.A. district meetings probably took place at the Downtown Zionist Centre so frequently that he came to refer to Centre as the "District.") If we look at the sort of work he's previously done for the Z.O.A., I'd say he joined the ball committee to help with its publicity efforts or secure a prominent guest speaker.

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