Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Friday May 2

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To be alone in the house
to sleep alone in my rooms
is a trying experience.

When evening comes
along I feel more then
ever the emptiness of my
life. I hear the dance
music on the radio, I would
so gladly dance to the sweet
tunes but whom with?

I would talk my heart out
to someone now but whom to?


Matt's Notes

When I read passages like this, written when Papa was in his lowest, loneliest moods, I feel like it's best to leave him alone and let him listen to his tunes meant for two.

What else can I add to such beautiful, sad sentiments, other than to say

Papa, this is you:


My mother adds:

I'm sure you'd be interested to know that the photo was taken at Flamenbaum's resort Kerhonkson, N.Y. My memory was jogged by the car in the background. I believe my mother and I stayed up there for the week and Papa came on weekends. One time I was so happy to see him that I didn't even notice that he had shaved off his moustache.

Audio source:

That Naughty Waltz (1920) from

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