Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tuesday Jan 29

Reported to Blitz the result
of the meeting.

On my way home I bumped
into Mr. Novack of Coney Island,
he held me back for more then
an hour, trying to induce me
to join the P.D.C. and
telling me the whole story
(his version) of the Weitzman
Brandeis-Mack break.

I listened to all impatiently as
I was hungry and anxious
to get into some eating place.
However it was interesting
He certainly is an interesting
type, he found the wrong
customer for the P.D.C. I sympathize
with them but physical
and financial ability to join
them also.


Again the mysterious "Blitz" materializes. And then, poof, he's gone.

The P.D.C. is, I think, the Palestinian Land Development Company, another Zionist organization devoted to purchasing land in Palestine. I like how Papa admits to being too hungry to listen to Novack's speil. Did he shift around from foot to foot, glance down the street as if something caught his eye, remark on how crowded the sidewalk was, or say things like "well, anyway..." hoping that Novack would pick up on his impatience?

Novack probably couldn't have been distracted if he was talking about the
"Weizman Brandeis-Mack break." (Chaim Weizman and Judge Louis Brandeis, the respective leaders of the European and American Zionist movements, differed on the management of investment in Palestine and fell out over Weizman's establishment of Keren Hayesod in 1921.) It must have been a subject of passionate debate, so I'm sure the conversation would have lasted more than an hour if Papa hadn't been so hungry.

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