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Rabbi Cook Farewell
reception at Pennsylvania


Papa's handwriting has been spidery and blotchy for a while, but, exasperated at last by his deteriorating fountain pen, he has cast it off and switched to pencil. This is an important but lower-profile departure than the impending one Papa discusses in today's entry: That of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook (not "Cook," as Papa spells it) the first Chief Rabbi of the British Mandate for Palestine who was wrapping up a 7-month visit to the United States.

Papa had seen plenty of influential Zionists speak at various functions and events throughout the year, but Kook was in the top tier. A legendary Torah scholar even before he went to Palestine, he was known for his unusual inclusiveness and openness, his belief in the importance of Zionism to Judaism (this "religious Zionism" or "religious nationalism" put him at odds with the Orthodox Rabbinical establishment of his day), and his support for the combination of secular and religious education.

Kook's March arrival in America had been important enough to warrant an announcement in Time Magazine, and his name appeared in the papers throughout his stay, especially in the last few days. In fact, the farewell reception Papa attended at the Hotel Pennsylvania was a lower-profile follow-up to the previous day's farewell reception at the Hotel Astor1, in which Kook and several other Rabbis announced that they had raised $320,000 for Yeshivas in Palestine and Eastern Europe. The Pennsylvania event was a true send-off, though. Kook sailed on the Mauretania the next day.

(Thanks to our loyal reader and friend Aviva, who first pointed out what Papa meant by "Rabbi Cook" on our Cry for Help page.)

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