Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sunday Feb 3

One man in whom I
so much believed the
proponent of the League of
Nations is dead.
Woodrow Wilson

I have certainly so much
to write in my diary but
I am prevented from doing
so because of inconvenience,
This week I am removing to
my own lone humble little
home where I will have the
opportunity to make my
entries regularly.


Wilson was in office when Papa first arrived in New York, and I'm sure the headlines about his administration made Papa feel good about his adopted country -- Wilson was a trust-buster, a friend of labor, a proponent of suffrage, and believed in aggressively promoting democracy around the world. If I were a psychologist, I might even say that Papa, displaced, longing for home and politically liberal himself, would have found a sort of father figure in Wilson and grown especially attached to him. (Wilson's support of the Balfour declaration and of Zionism in general was real, but muted; I'm sure Papa would rathe have described him as "an enthusiastic Zionist" than a "proponent of The League of Nations.") In any event, having lived through the less progressive Harding and early Coolidge years, Papa probably took Wilson's death especially hard.

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