Sunday, September 23, 2007

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In my dream I am in the bed I shared with Isaac when I was a boy. It is bigger than it really was, even if I stretch my arms out I cannot touch the sides. Gittel and Ettel are there and they pull the blanket tight over my body. It is warm but I cannot move. They smile and coo and they walk around the bed and with pins they fasten the blanket to the mattress. I try to tell them to remove the pins to let me
stand up. They smile at me and laugh because no words come out of my mouth, only ridiculous sounds.

They stand beside Isaac and I see now he wears a military uniform with a tall hat and bright colors like those they had before the war. I ask him why he is dressed this way and he understands my question. He answers "I am able and I will fight without you." I ask him what will happen to our mother but now the bed is floating above the water and drifting out to sea and Gittel and Ettel are crying for our father. Isaac says he must continue his work. He stands in front of a radio bigger than a cabinet and he tunes its dials and knobs.

The bed spins and drifts on the water. The pins hold fast and the blanket feels safe but it keeps me from moving it keeps me from paddling or looking around. There is no wind. I now remember someone told me there is a flotilla nearby and I ask if the Aquitania will be there.

Image source:

Aquitania - Library of Congress #LC-D4-22833

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