Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thursday Sept 18

A reception to Leibel
Tcubes a legendarie
figure of the old country


Matt's Notes

Papa's schedule of banquets and Zionist meetings slowed down over the summer, but it looks like a new social season is starting to kick in. While the previous Spring did not, as he wished, "renew hopes" for better days -- in fact, it ushered in one of the most difficult periods of his life thus far -- perhaps a busy, purposeful Fall will help him to be happier.


Meanwhile, this entry contains the name of the honoree at the reception Papa attended, but I absolutely can't read it. His first name is clearly Leibel, but what's his last? It's obviously Eastern European and I assume Papa has either spelled it correctly or transcribed it phonetically. It looks like "Tceiebes" or "Keubes," but I really can't tell. Any ideas?


Update 10/18/07

Looks like Shiri at the Museum of Jewish Heritage has nailed it:

..here is my best guess for the "legendary figure"...Could the last name be Taubisz, possibly spelled without the z? I found a listing for a Leibel Taubisz who ran a newspaper that, among other things, printed the first songs of Nachum Sternheim, who later became pretty famous...

The name of the paper was the "Wachenblatt". More research is pending, but I think we have our man.

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