Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Friday Nov 21

visited Arin Schneiderman
taking her afterward to the
camp ex. meeting at Jacks


Matt's Notes

Most of this entry will make sense to those of us following Papa's diary: "the camp" refers to "The Maccabean" chapter of B'nai Zion (a.k.a. Order Sons of Zion) the fraternal order to which Papa belonged; "ex. meeting" must be a meeting of the The Maccabean's executive committee, which Papa was part of in his capacity as Master of Ceremonies; "Jack" is none other than the storied personage Jack Zichlinsky, who lived on Hart Street in Brooklyn (and, as I scarcely need to add, would later move to Sheepshead Bay).

Ms. Scheiderman, the woman Papa brought to the meeting, is a bit more mysterious, not only because we haven't met her before but because I can't read her first name. Papa's handwriting is normally exceptional, but it looks like he wrote this entry quickly and I don't think the pencil he'd been using lately was at its sharpest. (I like to think that his meeting went late but, intrigued by his encounter with Ms. Schneiderman, he felt like he had to jot something down before turning in, dull pencil be damned.)

In any event, here's a closer look at how he wrote Ms. Scheiderman's name. It looks a little like "Arin," but while that seems like the first name of a modern person with hippie parents, it doesn't seem like an old-fashioned first name. It also looks a little like "Unis," which could be a misspelling of "Eunice," though that's a stretch. Take a look at see what you think:

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  1. I believe it's "Miss Schneiderman" -- which seems like it would fit perfectly with Papa's gentlemanly ways.