Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Friday Oct 10

Spend the evening with friends
at Nathan Zichlinsky's house
until after 2 a.m.


Papa's diary features supporting appearances from three men named Zichlinsky: Jack, one of Papa's closest, lifelong friends; Julius, whose full name appears only once but may be the same Julius with whom Papa enjoyed many an outing but only referred to by first name; and Nathan, whose home on Brooklyn's Willoughby Avenue was previously host to a meeting of B'nai Zion, Papa's fraternal order.

Your Papa's Diary Project scorecard is surely too covered in scribbles and arrows by now to be of much use, but yes, I'll confirm that you did, in fact, make a little notation about yet another Zichlinsky, this one named Jacob, and you made it in reference to my September 19th post in which I questioned whether Jacob, who is listed in the 1925 New York City directory as a leatherworker residing at 24 Hart Street in Brooklyn, was actually Papa's friend Jack. At the time I assumed he wasn't.

Ah, but how different I am from the headstrong, impetuous incarnation of myself who occupied this chair three weeks ago! Younger, yes, unbowed by experience, to be sure, but so presumptuous, so careless! Since then, I've done a bit of research on ancestry.com and learned that: three men named Nathan, Julius and Jacob Zichlinsky all hailed from the same town in Russia; they were all around Papa's age; they all lived together for a time on Broome Street; Julius and Jacob worked in the same leather goods store together when they were younger; and, finally, Jacob eventually resided in the very Sheepshead Bay neighborhood where my grandmother could be relied upon to shout "Jack Zichlinsky lived there" when passing through. The evidence isn't bullet-proof, but it certainly implies that these Zichlinskys were the brothers Papa palled around with and that Jacob of Hart Street was Papa's friend and went by the nickname "Jack."

Long live the Internets.

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  1. Jacob Zichlinsky Is my grandfather's name. He had 2 brothers named julius and Nathan. don't kmow about them living on Broome stree, but I know they lived on Norfolk Street, around the corner from Broome. They hailed from a town named NowyDwor in Poland, which I believe was part of Russia when my grandfather came here. Jacob was my father's father and my father and lived on Hart Street when my father was born. Thanks for the insight.