Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Friday Apr 11

Sisters night.


Looks like an uneventful day for Papa. The temperature as he strolled from his sister Nettie's apartment to his sister Clara's was in the mid 50's. (Or did he have dinner with Nettie and Clara at the same time? They didn't get along later in life, but they might have seen more of each other when they all lived on the Lower East Side; perhaps Papa made sure of it).

News of the day they might have discussed over dinner included the new plans for a Roosevelt Hall at the museum of Natural History; the fate of 26 Ku Klux Klan members after their Pennsylvania rally resulted in a riot and the deaths of three men; or the upcoming baseball season. Then again, they may have ignored these subjects and discussed instead the health of their father, who was convalescing back in the old country after a bad fall earlier in the year. Most likely, though, they spent the evening ogling Clara's new son, Julius, who had been home from hospital for less than a week and, perhaps, passed the evening in the new cradle Papa bought him two days earlier.

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