Friday, January 19, 2007

Sunday Jan 20

Visited Rose Sherman,
she and her sister Tillie and
myself then visited my
cousins Lena & Jean who are
also known to them.

May it be known that
although not entered
regularly in this book or
not at all, every day includes
a visit to my sister Nettie
and my little darling niece
Rosie (Ruchale)

Matt's Notes:

The cast of characters expands. Looks like Papa's cousins and sisters must have all lived close by on the Lower East Side, or at least within walking distance since the January cold didn't keep them from strolling around and visiting each other. (Then again, I imagine the New York cold didn't impress Papa too much since he grew up in an Eastern European ghetto where they probably ate bowls of hail for breakfast).



2/4 - Via e-mail, my mother adds:

Did you know that niece "Rosie" called Ruthie by my cousin Jeanie is the one that died of spinal mennengitis at about 11 yrs of age? My middle name Ruchle or Ruth is after her. Aunt Nettie never recovered from her death. I can barely imagine Papa's sorrow.

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