Friday, December 7, 2007

Sunday Dec 7

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At the Dist. I was surprised to find H. in the meeting room when I arrived. Jack brought her a chair explaining the committee meeting and as she began to sit she saw me enter. She stood back up and she smiled and took my hand and I thought, could this be the same girl? She told me she had moved from the Bronx where some new arrivals some cousins from the old country had filled every last chair and pillow and now stayed with her aunt in Williamsburg where she had her own room. That is what she said, "filled every last chair and pillow." Jack made a joke and said her cousins might be more comfortable back in steerage and H. turned and thanked him for the chair and sat and invited me to sit next to her.

My days of machine work are etched into my hands, I thought of this as she held a cigarette with her soft fine fingers. I am head of the publicity subcommittee for the Dist. winter ball, this means I must see to the printing of our handbook and circulars and also to secure a speaker for the dedication. I thought of Ab. Goldberg, it would be interesting to hear him explain his latest activities in Germany so I will approach him when he returns. H. volunteered for my subcommittee.

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