Friday, October 12, 2007

Sunday October 12

[no entry]


In my dream I am in Prospect Park and I sit on the ground beneath a tree. In front of me I see an electric fan much like the one I own. It has no plug or wire yet still it turns, the grass in front of it blows and bends. To my delight a rabbit turns up and stands in front of the fan. It is a curious creature, it does not look like a real rabbit it is more like something from the humorous cartoons I see at the movies. It hops up and down in front of the fan and smiles. It makes no sound and I am so happy just to watch. "This is what it's like to have a rabbit of your own," I tell it. I have a book in my hand and I open it and point to a page, I hold it out to the rabbit but of course it is too young to read.



Note: Papa accidentally wrote his entry for October 19 on the October 12 page of his diary; this is why the thumbnail image for this post shows handwriting even though there is no entry from Papa.

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