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Papa went to the movies the other day, so the list of what he might have seen hasn't grown that much. Still, here are a couple of newcomers listed in the New York Times:

  • Forbidden Paradise, a light drama about an imaginary Eastern European royal court starring the great Pola Negri and directed by the similarly great Ernst Lubitch. I hope Papa got to see this since the accompanying musical program at the Rivoli included "On Volga's Shores" by Pawlowsky's Ukranian Ensemble (Papa was from the area now known as Ukraine) and the overture from Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony (Tchaikovsky was Papa's favorite).
  • The Siren of Seville, described by the Times as "the latest bullfighting film" to hit the screen; was there a whole bullfighting genre in the silent era?
  • The Fast Set, directed by William C. De Mille, a well-known director and older brother of the more well-known director Cecil B. DeMille, whose hit The Ten Commandments was still enjoying a long theatrical run
  • K - The Unknown, starring Virginia Vallie, directed by Harry Pollard, and summarily dismissed by Mordaunt Hall, the Times' movie reviewer.
Other films in town included The Midnight Express, Married Flirts, The Iron Horse, and Madonna of the Streets.

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