Monday, August 6, 2007

Wednesday Aug 6

Home (above date)

Maccabean Meeting at
Pennsylvania Hotel, I delighted
in meeting Nat Eisenberg, a

A few talks I've heard
informed me.


Looks like Papa originally left this page blank on Wednesday the 5th and accidentally wrote Thursday's entry on it. Once he realized his mistake, he squeezed in the word "Thursday" over the entry and wrote a quick word at the top of the page to show how he spent Wednesday: "Home."

I'm posting from Mexico with a slow connection, so I'll just quickly note that "The Maccabean" refers to Papa's chapter of the Zionist fraternal order, B'nai Zion (check out previous entries about B'nai Zion here.) The Pennsylvania Hotel has also shown up in Papa's diary a few times because it seems to have been a location of choice for Zionist events (here's a bit more on the Pennsylvania Hotel.)

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