Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Friday Aug 1

Just strolled around with
some friends this evening


Matt's Notes

With temperatures in the low 70's and no signs of rain, this was a lovely night for a stroll. Papa certainly went to synagogue to say Kadish for his father before joining his friends.

Here's how he looked in his summer hat:

And here are some street scenes from the 20's:


Image sources: "Signaling to offices, curb market, New York City (1922)" and "People looking at plants in park, New York City (1920)" . Since these shots are of Bryant Park and Wall Street, respectively, they really have nothing to do with Papa and his friends on the Lower East Side in the summer of 1924, but I figured they were interesting anyway (the Wall Street shot). Both are from the Library of Congress with no known restrictions on publication.

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