Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tuesday Dec 16

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Thomas operates the elevator for me and H. but she does not speak to him or look at him, she looks at me instead and holds my arm with both hands and she looks and looks. Such attention she gives me and I am honored and I am sure I cannot help but kiss her, she wears a hat tight around her head the hat sparkles and it is the same color of her dress, she is slight of figure and her eyes are dark. She is the picture of flaming youth, the very picture of flaming youth and what then does that make me? Months ago she accompanied me to the opera, a poor performance and macabre as well but still enchanted she wept and told me she dreamed of the day she would sit in the boxes. We walked a long while and still she wept, there were tears in her eyes all the way home and they sparkled, lit by the store windows and signs and street lights. "I'm so ashamed Harry" she told me and I asked her why and she said it won't matter will it and that night I sat and I composed a letter and I sent it to her.

Our friendship ended I think that night I don't know what to call the rest.


[Note: This post is a continuation of group started on Dec. 7]

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