Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tuesday May 27

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Matt's Notes

This isn't the first time Papa has left a page of his diary blank, but under the current circumstances -- he's still mourning his father, has a forced week off from work due to the slack summer season, and is generally prone to depression when idle -- his silence seems more loaded.

Still, I'm sure he read the papers that day, so here are a couple of headlines that might have caught his eye:

These were the only two articles in New York Times that day about the upcoming Presidential election, even though 1924 was an election year and the Democratic National Convention was coming to New York in a month. Quite different from the amount of campaign coverage we see in May 2007, even though the election is over a year away.

Some other items of interest for Papa would have included a blurb on the installation of new officers at the American Jewish Historical Society (a group that's been helpful to this project, by the way) baseball coverage about a Giants win and Yankee and Dodger losses, and reviews of the films
Cytherea and the now-legendary Sherlock, Jr. with Buster Keaton.

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