Thursday, October 11, 2007

Saturday Oct 11

[no entry]

Note: Papa didn't write anything in his diary from October 11 through October 15, but he accidentally wrote the following week's entries on those pages instead of leaving them blank. So, his entry for October 18th appears on the October 11th page, his entry for the 19th appears on the October 12th page, etc., and he crossed out and changed the dates on the pages accordingly:

After a long series of contentious meetings with the Papa's Diary Project Committee on Presentation and Editorial Integrity, I've decided to accept their recommendation and approach October 11-15 as if Papa left his pages blank, post what he wrote on the days he actually wrote them, and post the thumbnail images for all pages as they actually appear. That's why there's text on the thumbnail image for this page even though Papa didn't write anything on this day. I hope this explanation will satisfy my legions of readers and stanch the flood of impassioned e-mail to which controversial choices like this inevitably lead.

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