Thursday, September 27, 2007

Saturday Sept 27

Ballgame & movie


Matt's Notes

With the Yankees out of town, Papa would have seen either the New York Giants clinch the Pennant with their win over the Phillies at the Polo Grounds or the Brooklyn Robins (a.k.a. Dodgers) -- who were still in the race when the day began -- lose to the Boston Braves. I suppose he must have seen the Dodgers game because, even considering his recent reluctance to write much in his diary, he surely couldn't have witnessed the winning moment of such a down-to-the-wire Pennant race (this was the second-to-last game of the season for both teams) without making some note of it. It also follows that he would have left the Dodgers game with a sour feeling (much as I did after watching the Mets squander a four-run lead at Shea Stadium last night) and attempted to chase it away by going to a movie.

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