Friday, October 19, 2007

Sunday Oct 19

The day with friends
at Rothblums.


Matt's Notes

A Rothblum appearance in Papa's diary usually means Papa's having a good time, whether he's motoring around Coney Island with his pals in "Rothblum's auto," taking a shvitz on Second Avenue, or socializing, as he did this evening, at Rothblum's house in East New York. True, the most disappointing romantic saga of Papa's year started when he met "The 20th Century Girl" at Rothblum's last party, but presumably he's forgiven both Rothblum and Rothblum's wife for making that ill-fated match.

Rothblum was a brother in B'nai Zion (a.k.a. Order Sons of Zion) the fraternal order to which Papa belonged, so I'll bet the crowd at his Sunday soirée included usual mugs from B'nai Zion like Blaustein, Breitbart, Bluestone, Shapiro, and good old Jack Zichlinsky. I doubt there were too many fraternal hijinks to be had, but I wouldn't be surprised if Rothblum broke out the bootleg slivovitz for a toast or two.


[Note: Papa accidentally wrote his October 19th entry on the October 12th page of his diary. I've included thumbnails of both pages at right.]

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