Friday, September 21, 2007

Monday Sept 22

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Matt's Notes

In my dream I study with my father (olam haba) in his classroom at the Talmud Torah. I feel privileged to be with him as I always do when we are alone together. "Today I would like to try something different," he tells me, and now I see a girl sits on the bench beside me. We sit at a table in the kitchen of a stranger's house. My father tells me we are still in his classroom and we have been here before and he asks me to read out loud. I read carefully and try not to make any mistakes, I read for hours and I want to know my part perfectly because the girl is listening.

When I am done he asks the girl to read, instead she talks about the neighbor's wedding and the cold weather and she gets up and stirs a pot of soup on the stove. She tells me the name of the soup but I cannot pronounce it. Now I see another girl is in the room and my father is angry with her because she was not supposed to be there but he invites her to sit down and have some soup anyway. She fills a bowl with soup and takes it out of the house and tells him she is going to share it with the whole village. I stand up and watch her leave and realize I cannot remember her face or the name of the village. I turn and sit back down to eat but my father is already walking away from the table. "New York is still outside," I tell him.
He feels his empty pockets and looks for something on the floor.

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