Saturday, June 2, 2007

Monday June 2

Sent home $40.
30 for a tombstone and
10 to live on, with asking
to select a good stone, and
if it should cost more I will
send it at once.


Matt's Notes

Papa has stated before his intention to get a loan of $100 in order to wire more money home, and though he hasn't said so explicitly I think that's what he's done to pay for his father's tombstone.

As I've previously noted, when the Nazis occupied Sniatyn in the 40's they removed the headstones from the Jewish cemetery and laid them as paving stones in front of their local headquarters. According to people at the United Sniatyner Sick and Benevolent society (a descendant of the Sniatyn landsmanshaft from Papa's day) the headstones have not been replaced and still line the street to this day. Could the tombstone Papa mentions above be among them? I'd like to go there one day and find out.

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