Monday, January 1, 2007

Index of Updates

I frequently revisit posts to add additional thoughts, photos, facts and references as they arrive. Here's a quick summary. I've listed the date of the update first and the date of the original post after that. (Note that all updates aren't dated -- I only started dating my updates a few days into this project and I haven't been dating them if I add them the same day.)

Updated in February:

3/12 - Mar 8: Added Mom's comments about the opera
3/10 - Mar 3: Added Time Magazine's review of Wild Oranges
3/8 - Feb 22: Reader Dina writes about her own grandfather's American heroes
3/1 - Feb 28: Mom's comments on a photo of her family
2/6 - Jan 9: Information on Papa's status as a Cohen, and why he can't be near the dead
2/6 - Jan 27: Mom's comments on Papa and Chinese food
2/4 - Jan 20: Mom's additions on cousin Ruchale
2/4 - Jan 12: Some information from the New York Times on Cafe Royal

Updated in January:

1/20 - Jan 19: Mom's comments on Papa
1/14 - Jan 13: Correction and photo of Aunt Clara
1/13 - Jan 12: "Golus" discussion
Jan 1: Comment on Volga boat song; photo of Capitol Theatre
Jan 2: Information about tuberculosis
Jan 3: Quote from feedback about Keren Hayesod
Jan 4: Commentary
Jan 5: Photo of Papa in formal wear; information on "cabinet cards"
Jan 6: Photos of Papa from early 70's
Jan 7: Information on WEAF
Jan 10: Information on fraternal organizations
Jan 11: Clinton theater background; link to NYT article on movie escapism
Jan 16: Speculation on Papa's motives
Jan 28: More thoughts on the secular inheritance of religious ideals

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